101 Random Movies Fun Facts and Trivia you didn’t know before

101 Random Movies Fun Facts and Trivia you didn’t know before

#81. Nicholas Cage was set to play the iconic role of Superman in the ’90s and it never happened but he still gets to voice Superman in Teen Titans Go!. At least he got his wish. -Source

#82. Donnie Darko only took 28 days to finish filming and coincidentally it matches the amount of time that Transpires in the story. -Source

#83. Because of the issue in the budget, the prop department of the original Halloween movie franchise used a cheap Star Trek Captain Kirk mask for Michael Myers. -Source

#84. The Disney documentary, white wilderness promulgated the myth that lemmings commit mass suicide. This myth was faked by Disney who herded lemmings to fall off a cliff to make it seem as if they were committing suicide in their documentary. -Source

#85. Tommy Lee Jones is a successful coffee commercial actor in japan. -Source

#86. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the first Marvel movie of Jessica Chastain. She rejected the role of Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man and Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3. -Source

#87. According to Keanu Reeves, ninety percent of the stunts his character performed in John Wick was done by him. -Source

#88. Deadpool 2 now holds the title of being the last film featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, not Logan. -Source

#89. Cary Fukunaga is the first-ever American director to direct an official James Bond movie from the franchise. -Source

#90. Robert Downey Jr. is the only cast member from MCU who read the entire script of Avengers: Endgame. -Source

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