101 Random Movies Fun Facts and Trivia you didn’t know before

101 Random Movies Fun Facts and Trivia you didn’t know before

#41. Sylvester Stallone while directed, written, and produced Rocky. He doesn’t have ownership of the Rocky franchise. -Source

#42. The bar room in Passengers (2016) is inspired by the bar room from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980). -Source

#43. Captain America, Black Panther and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) can all run faster than 60 mph in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. -Source

#44. In Spider-man video game on the PS4, you can take a selfie outside Ghostbuster’s headquarter, a.k.a Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8. -Source

#45. In Spider-man (2002), the shoes Green Goblin wore were Nike Air Flightposites. -Source

#46. Fox considered an X-men vs Fantastic Four ‘Civil War’ type movie in 2010, which would end with Mr. Fantastic ripping Wolverine’s arms off. -Source

#47. Pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time with $95 billion which is far more than any other franchises like Star Wars or Mickey Mouse. -Source

#48. Jake Gyllenhaal lost 20 pounds for his role as Lou in Nightcrawler. -Source

#49. Joseph Gorden-Levitt studied “Bruce Willis” past movies, in order to play his younger self in Looper. -Source

#50. It took Pixar almost 3 years of research to perfect Merida’s curly hair for Brave. -Source

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