101 Random Movies Fun Facts and Trivia you didn’t know before

101 Random Movies Fun Facts and Trivia you didn’t know before

These random movies fun facts are so hard to find that many hardcore movie buffs are not going to pick on these and I bet on it.

I have compiled a list of all the random facts and trivia related to amazing movies just for you.

These are 101 movies facts that will blow your mind:

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#1. Chris Evans rejected the captain America role many times due to anxiety, fear of a 10-movie commitment, and the public spotlight. He went to therapy before taking the role of our beloved steve rogers. -Source

‘#2. In Up (2009), Dug is the only dog to successfully track down Kevin because he is the only Hunting dog (Golden Retriever) while all the others are Guard Dog breeds. -Source

#3. Hugh Jackman accepted a pay cut to ensure Logan received an R-rating. -Source

#4. According to Shelley Duvall, the infamous “Here’s Johnny!” scene in The Shining film took three days to film and the use of sixty doors. -Source

#5. Coldplay’s vocalist Chris Martin has a cameo in Shaun of the Dead as a zombie version of himself. -Source

#6. For the movie Ocean Eleven, the Bellagio let the crew access the security system to get the real surveillance footage of the casino. -Source

#7. Frank Welker, who provided the vocals for Sergei’s monkey and hu in Secret Life of Pets 2 also voiced Abu and Rajah from Disney’s Aladdin. -Source

#8. In the movie Taken, Bryan kills 35 people throughout the movie to save his daughter. -Source

#9. At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, you can see the seating arrangement is a portrayal of the joker’s smile to pay tribute to Heath Ledger. -Source

#10. James Dean, who died in 1955, will return to screen with the help of CGI. -Source

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