50 Fascinating Facts about Everything #2

50 Fascinating Facts about Everything #2

#26. David Bowie holds the world record for the number of music video plays over 24 hours with 51 million plays, occurring January 11th, 2016, the day after his death. -Source

#27. Pablo Picasso went on trial as a suspect for stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre. -Source

#28. Carlos Santana took LSD before performing at Woodstock. This performance launched his career into stardom. -Source

#29. In China, they send seeds into space, then use the resulting mutated seeds to produce abnormally large crops. -Source

#30. The border between India and Bangladesh is too complicated, there is a “3rd order enclave”; a piece of India within Bangladesh, within Bangladesh. -Source

#31. The largest man-made structure in history were the walls of Benin in present-day Nigeria. They were 4 times longer than the Great Wall of China and contained 100 times more material than the Cheops pyramid. -Source

By Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0 /Image Source: Wikipedia

#32. Hugh Jackman worked as a birthday clown named ‘Coco’ and made just 50 bucks. Jackman admits that he had no magic tricks and was even told off by a 6-year old that he’s terrible. -Source

#33. Audie Murphy, when asked after the war why he had taken hold of the machine gun of a burning M10 tank destroyer and taken on an entire company of German infantry. he replied in simple words, “They were killing my friends”. -Source

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#34. In 1990, a pilot named Captain Timothy Lancaster was sucked out of the cockpit of a passenger jet, A crew member held on to his body until landing, at which point they discovered he had survived. -Source

#35. None of the Beach Boys surfed except for Dennis Wilson who died drowning. -Source

#36. In 2009, a fox puppy was caught in a trap of a hunter in England for 2 weeks but survived because the puppy’s mother brought it food every day. -Source

#37. The outer skin of a Honey Badger is strong enough to resist several machete blows and is practically impenetrable to spears and arrows. -Source

#38. The rap god Eminem watched his daughter known as Hailie, get crowned homecoming queen from an empty classroom within the school campus because he didn’t want to take the attention aside from her. -Source

#39. Alligators, Crocodiles, and Flounders haven’t any definable lifespan but continue to live forever unless affected by their environment. -Source

#40. Panda Spends 80% of their life sleeping. What a life! -Source

#41. A blue color-skinned family lived in Kentucky in the 1800s. -Source

#42. ‘The Great House of Easement’ was a 14 seat toilet by the river Thames at Hampton Court built for the servants of Henry VIII. –Source

#43. As books and novels became more prominent during the 1700’s, the media grew increasingly concerned that young people spent so much time reading books. they started calling it ‘reading rage’, ‘reading fever’, ‘reading mania’ and ‘reading lust’. -Source

#44. A wobble of Earth’s axis causes the Sahara to cycle between desert and grassland every 23,000 years. -Source

#45. Over 10,000 people from all over the world have applied for a one-way trip to colonize Mars in 2022. -Source

#46. The largest natural bridge on Earth was virtually unknown to the remainder of the planet until it had been observed. It’s called ‘Fairy Bridge’. -Source

#47. Male is the capital city of the Maldives and it is so heavily urbanized that it covers the whole island it’s situated on. -Source

#48. McDonald’s has a Gold card that allows Its holder free and unlimited food forever. Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have one. -Source

By Bäras – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 /Image Source: Wikipedia

#49. The Thorny Devil Lizard is a reptile that channels water that comes into contact with his skin through Hygroscopic grooves to its mouth. It can drink water just by standing in it. -Source

#50. Lions inhabited many areas of Europe until they were hunted to extinction around 100 BCE. -Source

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