101 Most Interesting Facts About Literally Everything

101 Most Interesting Facts About Literally Everything

#81. Octopus uses all of their tentacles only when they are eating. -Source

#82. Larry is the name of the bird in the logo of Twitter and it is named after a famous basketball player known as Larry Bird. -Source

#83. Pirates wore earrings because of the superstitions, they thought it protected them from seasickness, blindness, and drowning. -Source

#84. 95% of people text somethings that cannot be said directly in person. well, I am one of those people. -Source

#85. There is a Blonde Chocolate just like dark, milk, and white. There are 4 types of chocolates. -Source

#86. 60% of the world’s Polar Bear can be found in Canada-Source

#87. You can sleep at work in Japan because this is considered that sleeping at work is a sign of hard work-Source

By National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Public Domain /Image Source: Wikipedia

#88. Fugu or Pufferfish is considered the most poisonous food in the world because if prepared incorrectly it can cause paralysis and asphyxiation. It is mostly eaten in Japan. -Source

#89. People can develop a fear of clothing, it can be seen more in Soldiers with a history of working with the military. It is known as Vestiphobia-Source

#90. The world’s most expensive watch in the world is Chopard 201-carat watch and its worth around $26,000,000-Source

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