101 Most Interesting Facts About Literally Everything

101 Most Interesting Facts About Literally Everything

#91. Apricots are considered bad luck to U.S. Marine tank drivers and they never say the word apricots. -Source

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#92. The closest living relative of The Dodo Bird is The Nicobar Pigeon-Source

#93. Cucumber, Avocado, and Eggplant are all fruits not vegetables. -Source

#94. In 2013, 1.7 million people sent letters to Santa only from the U.S., that’s the highest percentage of over 8 million letters sent worldwide. -Source

#95. Plato once stated that Dogs have the souls of philosophers. -Source

#96. If you damaged your right brain hemisphere you can develop a “Joke Addiction“. A compulsive need to constantly make a joke. -Source

#97. Thomas Alva Edison only invented the method to keep the bulbs constantly turned on and not Electric Light Bulb itself. -Source

#98. Banana trees are not trees but they are Herbs and Banana is a berry. -Source

#99. Squeezing a man’s Testicles too tightly can cause adrenaline to release too much and cause death. -Source

By Rzuwig – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 /Image Source: Wikipedia

#100. There is a famous Crooked forest. There are 400 of these trees and all of them grow in the shape of J. Nobody knows what’s the reason behind this strange phenomenon-Source

#101. A male rabbit is called a Buck while the female is called a Doe. -Source

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